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The best birthday gift ever. Yesterday, I got a p… November 7, 2005

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The best birthday gift ever.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from my Dad. I haven’t heard from him in over six weeks. This was not unusual for my Dad, but I was concerned because the last news that I had heard about my Dad was not good, to say the least. For as long as I can remember, my parents had been involved in some kind of drug use. Always weed. From age 10 to about 13 they were strung out on heroine. By a miracle of God, my parents recovered from that. My parents never had a good relationship and so my Mom mostly used drugs to numb her emotional and often, physical pain. She found out later that this mysterious pain was fibromyalgia. She also had many long term affects of the years of severe abuse from my Dad. My Dad grew up in an abuse environment and went on to be a navy seal in Vietnam. So , for the past 10 years, my parents had become addicted to prescription narcotics. My parents were “legal junkies” . This sadly was the cause of my Moms death. At the age of 51, my mom died from a lethal overdose of narcotics. Since her death my Dad has become sucked into drug use even more. Well, yesterday was the 8th phone call of the weekend from my Dad. First one was Thursday morn at 5 am. I answered the phone and heard my frantic Dad saying that my brother was trying to kill him and take all of his stuff. Well, at the time I had no idea what was happening …I later found out that my Dad was hallucinating and going through detox. About 10 days ago my Dad had decided that he had had enough of the junkie lifestyle. He called up a Dr. friend of his who had mentioned to my Dad about 6 years ago this new type of experimental detox/ rehabilitation that they were trying out on Vets. He told him he wanted to do it. That in and of itself is a complete and total work and miracle of GOD!!!! So for the last 10 days my Dad had been detoxing from narcotics. When he called me, he was at the tail end of it, but still having hallucinations. So, yesterday was the first normal call from him. He was finally in his right mind and told me what had been happening to him. He said that he has no desire for the drugs anymore and has even quit smoking after 35 years!!!A miracle. And the best birthday present I have ever had. EVER.


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