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Thankful? This is the question that has been reso… November 25, 2005

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This is the question that has been resounding in my heart and soul recently. Because of the season, yes, but I believe that God uses our everyday life to speak to us. Also, this is not a new question to my heart. For a while now He has been gently speaking to me about this.
These verses keep coming about…”Let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.” and “giving thanks, always for all things..” Not sure of the references, but you get the idea. What has really hit me is the words “continually” and “always for all things” To my heart that means through every single circumstance and every single horrible crappy thing that happens. That is what is so hard, it is easy to praise His name when you have money, and when you have a nice home, great hubby, etc. But what I wrestle with is all the horrible and tragic things. Yes, I know that God will cause all of these things to turn for good in my life and that He is building in me the character that I need for these plans of His, but I still have a ways ahead of me before I can actually THANK Him for the death of my son. Or my Mom. I’m not sure how much harder this lesson can be for me, but it really sucks. Well, I also think I still have to work out in my heart that if He truly wants me to be literal about it or if He just wants me to know that through all and in all things He is in control and if only I just choose, I can hide in HIs shadows and he will comfort me and that is what I am so thankful for. And when I focus in on what will help us in all things, which is dying to my nasty flesh, there is hope. I would really like for this to be an open kind of discussion for y’all to be involved. My brain hurts when I can’t figure out heart issues…. ha.


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