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Thankful!! I have learned that relationships in … November 29, 2005

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I have learned that relationships in your life change. For good or bad. When you have a true friendship in your life, it changes with your life and both persons involved take time and effort to nourish it and make it grow so deeper as the years go by and as life happens.
I am deeply honored to have a friendship such as this. My dearest friend in my life came to visit me a week ago. She helped me to care for and love my babies and put them to bed as if they were her own. My children will be blessed their whole lives long because they have “Kiki” to love them.
Then after we had our time. While we sat there sharing and just being together, I realized that my time with her from here until who knows when will be very precious because soon she will be married and be having babes and living her life. But this I know. Over the years we will visit and bring our families together for vacations and holidays, and after, in the quiet we will talk quietly and love more deeply and know a friendship that only the years and love can bring about. She knows all my crap, and I, hers. Always. She is my one true friend in this life and I am thankful.


One Response to “Thankful!! I have learned that relationships in …”

  1. Kristenanne Says:

    right back at ya baby! I love the pictures I have of your children and us. Joy abudant!
    P.S. Could you send me my makeup?!

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