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Happy 4th Birthday, Aidan Luke!! November 30, 2005

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Four years ago today at 1:36 pm our first born son, Aidan Luke was born, screaming at the top of his lungs. He was obviously mad because he wanted to stay in there!! His due date was to have been Nov. 19, but he decided against that. So, when his due date came and went, I told the baby, in my best mommy voice…baby you WILL be born in November–any later is NOT an option!! So, he decided he would wait until the LAST DAY of November!!! We had decided early in the pregnency that our baby would be born at home. I was in great health and I don’t like hospitals if they are not needed. Plus, I am the type of person that when it comes down to it…I like things done my way. I knew that I would be most comfortable in my surroundings. And it just felt RIGHT. So, fast forward to the end and everything had went beautifully the whole gestational period, I had practiced my relaxation , eaten healthy and had gained the typical 30 pounds. So we waited, and tried everything under the moon to convince the baby it was time to make an appearance. Finally 2 days before b-day, I started having regular contractions that actually stuck around. That thursday night they just stopped. I was desperate to have this baby out, so I called three women from our church family and had them come over to pray over/for my belly. While they were praying, Hallelujah, they started up again!!! Not very strong at the time, but at least there was activity . So I was able to sleep for a few hours until I was awoken by the strongest contraction I had ever felt!!!! So after an hour of contx. 3 min apart, my hubby called the midwife. She came with her assistant and for the next 10 hours I had hard labor. It was the most powerful feeling in the world to know that my body was going to birth my child. I always felt in control and was able to relax through the contx. And finally, time to push!!! After just 2o minutes of pushing, with me squatting/almost standing, there he was. “Its a boy, our Aidan, Aidan Luke!!” I cried, almost yelled because he was so loud. “he is a big boy” the midwives said. and he was. Later we found out that he was 9lbs, 6 oz and 22 inches long!! After his birth I felt as if I could run a marathon!! It was beautiful.
Now, he is an active, imaginative 4 year old. I am realizing that time really does go so fast, and to make each day special and sacred. All my love to you, my darling boy., Love mommy.


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