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Digging "Me" Out January 26, 2006

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Last night was the start of a 4 session seminar hosted by a couple in our fellowship. It is an equipping and training seminar for giving and recieving ministry, and also for healing and deliverance…ultimately the goal is to help believers identify and then get free of their own “baggage” so that they may then help others to do the same. The couple actually met one another at the TACF School of ministry about 5 years ago , became married and are now blessing our fellowship tremendously!!! They lead the ministry team and are a fantastic couple to be friends with!! So, last night Kjell(pronounced shell) was speaking on the biblical, “created order” of our being. This being that we are made up into 3 parts- spirit, soul, and body- in that order. “Created order” meaning the perfect order that God originally intended before the fall of man. The Holy Spirit/God speaking and communing with our spirit perfectly, then our soul responding and in submission to our spirit and ultimately our body responding and doing in perfect form. I have not heard or examined very much of this topic , but have always been taught that we are tri-beings (not sure of the actual term)…mirroring the Godhead Trinity…God, Holy Spirit and Jesus. Which has always made perfect sense to me because we are made in Gods image.
So, after the teaching time he asked if anyone felt as if there was baggage holding them back from moving forward in the Lord. Um yeah, I definitly raised my hand up high…I have felt so stuck recently and I just knew that this seminar and also Kjell and Hilary were/ are going to be very important in this next part of my life!!! The thing is for me, I don’t have just a small little carry-on type of baggage…I have huge trunks…like six of them and they are FULL!!!! So I was very encouraged during ministry time and they and Mary Jo (one of my best friends and home group leader) assured me and reminded me that I will not go “this” alone, and I will make it through. And that they are willing to go through all the crap in all my trunks and get rid of it!!!! That right there is true Christian love and friendship. If it’s not in your life, seriously get some!!!
So, after a very snotty, cleansing cry, today, I feel tired, but stronger and I am ready for more!
Love and Blessings


One Response to “Digging "Me" Out”

  1. Kristenanne Says:

    Yeah…so so so happy to hear of your time. My heart is what I like to call in tune with yours right now. Rejoicing for the truth you heard last night and the adventure you are on. Praise be to the Three/One for hands to carry your baggage while you sort and heal through it, and prayers from all over the world going up for you. I love you!

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