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My Daughter, My Pearl March 3, 2006

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During the “Equipping Seminar” that I wrote about back in January, one of the sessions was about your identity in Christ. Almost everyone has a distorted or unhealthy view of who we are and how Christ sees us. Many of us are affected by the names or labels that others or we put on us. So, Kjell lead us in asking God was His name was for us. How He thought of us and what he called us. My Daughter, My Pearl. That is the answer that I heard. I have been chewing over that for the past month. and hearing it in my spirit every so often…at times when I need it most. I have just been learning to hear it and recieve it..letting it go deep into my identity…this new identity that I am learning. I specifically had asked God to erase the parts of the old identity that was holding me back from moving forward in any and every way. He is doing that. It is hard. I never realized how tightly I could hang on to something that did nothing in bringing me closer to my very purpose in life..to live , rather die for God. I have believed a lie for most of my life. That lie that I was not good enough. That always there was something about me that just did not measure up. This was introduced to my impressionable identity early in my life. I have carried it, accepted it and built a large part of my life around it.
So, that is the major thing that God is stripping away from my heart. The name that He gave me fits just perfectly. I found out why in our fellowships monthly newsletter for March. The title of the artlicle on the front page….”You’re a Pearl” . That sucessfully knocked me on my behind. The article talks about how in ancient times, a pearl was the most sought after “treasure” Pearls were rare and very hard to find, but men would give up all possessions to find just one and it was a very great thing to have one. So, through my name, the Lord is telling me that I am His most treasured possession and that He gave up everything to come and find me.


One Response to “My Daughter, My Pearl”

  1. Kristenanne Says:

    yes and amen.
    I love what He’s doing in you.

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