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Beauty from Ashes March 4, 2006

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The ashes of Sacrifice. The things in our lives that have been burned up in the consuming fire of Gods love for us. Sin, hurt, weaknesses. During Lent, this season of sacrifice, I believe that God is urging us higher, closer to Him, to His heart, to His lips so we can hear Him better. He is wanting us to allow Him to examine our hearts and lives , so that He can speak to us and say…”that thing, right there…it’s getting in the way. It is keeping you from the very place that you are called to…a deeper place with me, my presence. It is keeping you from walking fully in my Spirit.” I believe that the Lord wants true sacrifice. Sacrifice must cost you something–some thing that is allowed to get in front of God. Lent is a seaon for examination : why is this in my life , does it move me closer to the Father, does help me to maintain and obtain the vision that God has for my life?
What is He calling you to fast from? Judging others? Anger? Our fellowship is participating in a forty day fast that is focused on praying for Muslims, Middle East and other things as well. Go here to read daily devotionals, find out what to pray for on a daily basis, and different ways of fasting. Allow God to point out the junk in your heart and life–it will probably hurt, will shake up some things in your life, but God will hold you through it. He asks only your life. Wholly and completely.


One Response to “Beauty from Ashes”

  1. Kristenanne Says:

    thanks for posting this. I couldn’t agree more. He’s doing a strong work in my soul. And has pin pointed some realy hard stuff. Thank you for being there to help me figure it out.

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