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This is for all 5 of my loyal readers March 20, 2006

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I know. It’s been awhile. I have no excuse other than 3 kids, 1 hubby, 1 house, a never ending list of things to do, and I still have to try and take a shower before noon.
But, we have been able to watch some movies this weekend. (yes, lazy movie watching with hub does come before blogging) Elizabethtown….. LOVED IT. In my book, it ranks up there with Garden State and The Notebook. It was one of the few movies that I actually invested in emotionally while I was watching it..maybe it was the whole death thing, who knows, but this is easily one of my new faves. I really like Kirsten …..and Orlando..lets just say “yum”
Yours, Mine and Ours…..Cute and dumb. Walk the Line… great movie….totally about true love and sticking by even through the roughest of life. the only thing though is that Joaquin always looks so pale to me…he really is a great actor, though. and as always, Reese was beautiful. So next on our list is Pride and Prejudice. I am so excited to see it.
There ya go J. I updated.


4 Responses to “This is for all 5 of my loyal readers”

  1. Little Miss Says:

    you know what? most days I don’t even GET to shower!!

    (shhhh…a little febreeze on your clothes, a baby wipe for under your arms, and baby powder in your hair to absorb the grease!)

    ; )

  2. - J - Says:

    Thanks Val. I saw “Walk The Line” the other day and that was great!

  3. Kristenanne Says:

    Pride and Prejudice…um, yeah, wonderful! LOVED IT…but you know me and my affair with romance! Walk the Line…what a story! Reese (my fav) was phenomenal! The Notebook…DUDE…when can we watch a movie together? Missing you.

  4. Sweetpea Says:

    Hi beautiful little one. Oh how I miss you. Email me with yer address would you?

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