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My Birthday Boy April 1, 2006

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This is my baby, so eager and mischievious. He loves to move and is as fast crawling as his brother and sister are walking! I cannot resist his cheeks. I love to kiss them. And to smell him, you would be smelling heaven. Happy birthday Evan. You will always know how much I love you.


3 Responses to “My Birthday Boy”

  1. - J - Says:

    Happy Birthday to him. He is a very cute kid!

  2. Kristenanne Says:

    Happiest 1st Birthday Baby EVAN!!!
    So cute are the ones you guys make…man, I can only hope to have beautiful babies like you and Troy! So cute, I wanna just giggle!

  3. Little Miss Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. My son has the kissiest cheeks in the world! (and yes, kissiest IS a word!)

    happy birthday little evan!

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