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On the homefront…. April 27, 2006

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Well, this has been a CRAZY 2 weeks in our little part of the world. First off about 10 days ago we found out that our deep freezer in the basement became unplugged some how. Neither of us adults remember unplugging it. We are also puzzled as to how it sat for so long without us realizing it was unplugged. Both of us try to “keep an eye on it” . there is a little On/off light that is visible on the front of the freezer and one of us tries to look at it and check that it is on when doing our stuff in the basement. Also, I frequently retrieve things from the thing for meals…Any how it must have been unplugged for oh about 2 1/2 weeks or so. We had been noticing a “smell” in the basement. We thought it might be sewer gas or somethin, as they have been doing some repair work in our neighborhood.
I was feeding the kids one day and my hubby runs up from the basement retching and heaving, running to the toilet. My first thought was the stomach flu. As I walk towards the bathroom, I smell it. Death. Our freezer had half a cow and about 3 deers worth of meat in there. uh huh, yeah. Dead, rotten meat. The nastiest smell ever.
So, after donning a respirator (yes I’m serious) my hub goes back down and plugs the freezer back in to refreeze it all. We waited until the night before trash day to empty it which was 6 days after we plugged it back in and it still smelled horribly. I felt sorry for the trash guy the next day. I made sure I wasn’t home when the truck came. After having the windows open all day everyday, for 4 days, the smell is finally gone.
And we have all had colds on top of it.
How is life in your little part of the world?


3 Responses to “On the homefront….”

  1. Faith Says:

    EWWWW! Stinky,stinky! That is a baaaaad smell.

  2. Little Miss Says:

    ugh…I just had flashbacks of the day we discovered our deep freezer had turned into a heater while we were on vacation for TWO WEEKS.

    …that was the summer I turned 10 years old, and I can still smell the carnage!

    you have my condolences

  3. Kristenanne Says:

    YUCK! I have called you and have not heard back. Are you mad at me? Did you lose your hearing in this crazy accident as well and cannot hear the phone ring? Whatever the matter, call me! I miss you!!!!

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