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Thursday Thirteen April 27, 2006

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Ok, so this is my first go at a meme…please be gentle.

Thirteen things that I did this week about a gazillion times

1. A load of laundry

2. Talked firmly(yelled) at my son to stop teasing/hitting his sister.

3. Crappy diapers (nuff said)

4. Put my daughters clothes BACK ON while we were OUTSIDE. Every.Single.Piece.

5.Checked emails and read blogs, but didn’t post (sorry guys)

6. Ignored the ringing telephone.

7. Took pictures of my kiddos, with them half out of the pics because they are too busy to look at me while I have the camera, again. ( maybe I should have the camera while I talk on the phone or at the pc…)

8.Cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes.

9. Told my kids and hubby how much I love them.

10. Gave my kids kisses and love.

11.Ignored my 2 kiddos while they were begging for yet another toy in Target.

12. Thought about my mom.

13. More crappy diapers.

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One Response to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Faith Says:

    Sounds like my week. thanks for visiting my T13. Looks like you are doing it right. Welcome to T13!!! it’s alot of fun!

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