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More of our "Love and Miracles" June 1, 2006

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Well, I have told you of only two of my miracles…let me start at the beginning. When we found out in early January of 2001 that I was preg., we were so excited. We had made the decision early in our marriage to just “let it happen” as far as when we got pg. after we found out I was pg, just 8 short days later, I miscarried our precious first child. I was 3 weeks and 5 days. We were devastated. In the short time that we knew a child was in my belly, we loved it. We loved it before it even existed in our world. We still miss that baby! 10 weeks later, I became pg. with our second child. We decided during the first pg, that we would have our baby at home, with a midwife. So, at 12 weeks along, I met our midwife, Jane*. she did all the normal stuff a doc would except for the vaginal exam. and she talked to me. and let me talk , for 45 minutes I asked her and discussed all my worries and what -nots. It was the very personalized care that I/we wanted!! So, we had a normal, very healthy pg, we went to Bradley classes, I ate very healthy and saw a doctor only for blood tests because I am Rh-. So my due date came…and went. 10 days later I finally went into real labor and our son Aidan Luke was born at a whopping 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 inches long. He came out screaming…and it was the most gorgeous sound I had ever heard!!! He was perfect and a dream come true. Today, he is a rough and tumble boy of 4 1/2 and loves to snuggle as much as wrestle!!! The next part of our story is a bit more sad and I will post on that tomorrow.
*Of course I changed her name!


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