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More of the Story… June 3, 2006

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So, life was grand with our new son. He was a great nurser from day1 and a great sleeper too. He was an extremely laid back baby and happy most of the time. I knew every day what a blessing he was. Well, one day in June of 2002, Aidan was about six months and I was nursing and all of a sudden I felt this hard tickle–on the inside of my belly. And again about 5 secs. later..wait, what is that, I thought? I am not one who suffers from gas or anything, and I had felt that feeling only 1 time before. When I was pg with Aidan. I hadn’t gotten my monthlys back yet and my dh and I had not been very careful… well I was pregnant again. I had no idea I was pg. I still had a bit of a tummy from Aidan and like I said-no monthlys yet. But the second I felt that in my tummy.. I knew. my first thought was disbelief..”how did this happen?” The second was..how pregnant am I if I can feel the baby already? I felt Aidan at 21 weeks. So as soon as Aidan was done eating, we rushed along to our local walgreens to buy a stick test–a package with 3 actually, just in case. Back home, the two lines appeared before I was done peeing on it!! so since Fathers day was just 3 days away, I decided to surprise Troy. First, I called Jane* my midwife and told her. She was as surprised as me. I made an appointment to see her the next day and she felt my tummy and measured an guesstimated that I was about 18 weeks. Um yea. I got pregnant when Aidan was about 8 weeks old. An even bigger surprise for Troy awaited him… So come Sunday morn and I had wrapped up the test and put in a little package inside a bigger one with cheesy hat that said “Super Dad” with the superman emblem on it. I had Aidan “color” a card for Daddy and it said “I’m gonna be a big brother…Surprise” You’re the best Daddy ever”And then i said ‘by the way I am 18 weeks and we are due right after A’s birthday.’ He never saw that coming!!! But he said he couldn’t have gotten a better present.
So, along goes the pregnancy, I felt great the whole time and this babe moved a ton more than A did. Jane said that I felt this baby more because it had a bit more “leg room” being as it’s home was still over sized from big bro. And A was still nursing, so I had something pressing on my tum all the time, and that is when the babe moved the most..didn’t like the space invasion too much. ;0 Well, I got bigger and A turned one, he burnt his little finger on the candle, poor thing, so he never ate his cake at the party. The babe had been moving a ton–like so much that it would go from breech to head down a couple times a day–I could feel this happening every time..and it was so uncomfortable!! December 7 comes and it’s the day before our estimated due date. I start feeling contractions–strong ones. With A, I had cont. for days, so I didn’t get too excited… but I knew that soon I would meet our babe. Before church that night I called Jane and let her know the deal. Our fellowship was 3 min. from our home at the time so if something REALLY started happening I could go right home. I had mentioned to her that the babe was not moving a whole bunch–just kinda quiet. She explained that babies can “settle down” literally and figuratively before the birth. She thought there was no worries , but offered to come and check on the babe. I said no,no we’ll be fine.
At church, my dear friends prayed for me and the baby and I felt the baby move some more and I had more cont. It was a good night and I slept great all night, despite the cont.
Next morn, we went and had breakfast at our dear friends house. After , we went up to RMH to see T’s dad . He had been in the hos. for chemo and radiation. We were going to help Mom and Dad celebrate their 38 th Ann. All of the “kids” had put together a video of their lives as children and then married and it was really sweet and everyone cried because we all knew that Dad was really sick.
When we were there I realized that I hadn’t felt the baby in a bit and I told Troy as we were leaving. So we decided to call Jane and have her meet us at the house to do a check. When she got there, she asked me some ?’s about the cont. and how I felt and all that. I said that I felt fine and I have had cont. on and off all night up till now. But that I hadn’t felt the baby move for a bit. So, she put the cold gel on my tum and then the dopplar, and at that moment our lives changed forever. It was silent.


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  1. Just Me Says:

    I don’t know you but I am so sorry for what you’ve gone through. I just had a misscarriage a few weeks ago so in a way I know what you may have gone through with your first pregency. I will check back to see the finished portion of this story. And my prayers are with you!

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