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No bra and unexpected visitors August 10, 2006

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Why is it that in the time span of the 2 hours that it takes to wash and dry my brassieres (all 3 of them) does my neighbor, the fed ex guy and my mother in law all decide it is time to show up for a visit? Laundry day is the only day ever that I go around in my pajammies all day with out a bra. It is usually the day that anyone I am not expecting “drops by”. Such is my life. Only thing is, usually when the mom inlaw comes over, my kids are also in their skivvies at noon and eating food off the floor. (it was in a bowl and got dumped). She nonchalantly says “Need some help, dear?” Oh well. At least my bras are clean.


2 Responses to “No bra and unexpected visitors”

  1. Angela Says:

    Some people just SAY that their floors are so clean, you could eat off of them. You, my friend? Are living proof!

    I say well played!

  2. Kristenanne Says:

    you are hilarious! I love you…

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