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o.b. tampons on ebay August 25, 2006

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Uh huh. You are not tripping. The title of the post is o.b. tampons on ebay. I found out that you can buy this kind of stuff on ebay by way of someone I just bought some shoes for my daughter from. I like to read the feedback that sellers/buyers leave for them, and see what they purchased. I’m nosy like that. Well, lo and behold, not just o.b., but Gas-X, too. That is just way too WEIRD for me. I’m not really a private person, but I like to buy my tampons and gas stuff in the privacy of my own Walgreens, thank you very much. (They didn’t even get a very good deal on the tampons, by the way) Oh well, to each their own, I guess…


One Response to “o.b. tampons on ebay”

  1. - J - Says:

    Shoot, not a good deal huh? Oh well. Let me know if you see a price change.
    As for me, buying tampons over the internet would be much better than my local Walgreens.

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