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Hey everybody September 28, 2006

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Ok, so since it has been a while for posting, I have decided to take an email that Kristen sent me and use it for a post. Thanks Kristen, love ya

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Birthday Party Hostess at Discovery Zone

2. Cashier at Michaels Crafts

3. Live-in Nanny

4. Administrative Assistant

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
(Only four?)
1. Beaches
2. The Notebook
3. Elizabethtown
4. The Joy Luck Club
5. Shanghai Noon
6. O Brother Where Art Thou

C) Places I have lived:
1. Union, IL

2. Winnetka, IL
3. South Beloit, IL
4. Rockford, IL

D) Fours shows I love to watch:
1. Greys Anatomy

2. The Office
3. The Amazing Race
4. Lost

E) Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Dominican Republic

2. Florida
3. Marion, MT.
4. Mackinac Island, MI

G) Four favorite foods:
1. Mexican-chicken tacos

2. Jambalaya, Red beans and Rice
3. chicken breast, avacado, cucumbers,tomatoes-eaten together and then a honeycrisp apple for dessert
4. Chunky peanutbutter and strawberry jelly sandwiches with plain lays chips and Chocolate Milk

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. on a beach
2. shopping (spending cash on ME)
3. on vacation
4. sleeping

I) Four friends I hope will respond:
Anyone who reads this, consider yourself tagged and don’t forget to do the linkage!!!!


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