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Happy November!!!!! November 1, 2006

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Well, it is officially the start of NaBloPoMo! I will be trying my best to faithfully post everyday for this month!
As we are approaching the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, there have been many things on my heart and mind.
Today I am thankful that my husband is working. There has been a lot of time over the years that he has not been during the winter months. We have struggled and worried about heating our home, eating and even losing the roof over our heads. Yet, God has always been faithful in every circumstance and He has always provided miracles in our lives. Now, my hubby has a great job. One that pays twice of what our monthly budget requires. I believe that this is yet another miracle of provision. I have prayed and asked for specific things-that we would be able to give more away, that we would be able to send Aidan to a certain school next year, and most importantly that we would be able to help others who have been in our situation. We have given as we have been able, but we have always wanted to do more. We are now able to do that. It almost seems surreal. But we are excited to be able to have the opportunity for more freedom in what God wants for us as a family. I am also thankful that we have had the experience of “burlap”. The roughness in life that helps us appreciate the goodness and abundance so much more.
So, what are you thankful for? Come on all you lurkers out there, let me know. I want to here your voice.


2 Responses to “Happy November!!!!!”

  1. Frema Says:

    My husband was out of full-time work for eleven months before he found a job that pays well, is near our apartment, and will look GREAT on his resume. It’s because of his job that we can pad our savings and achieve some long-term goals (saving for a house, paying off our car). I am very thankful for that!

  2. Kristenanne Says:

    I am thankful for the ever present love that I know to be true. It’s the only thing that keeps me going. Well, maybe not. I tend to allow Parliment Ultra Lights, Vodka and Tequilla help out to every now and again. Honestly though, I am beyond thanks for our friendship. It’s an everlasting gift in my treasure chest! Love you.

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