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16 days in January 16, 2007

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You know those times in your life when nothing and everything seems to be happening at the very same time? That is the reason for my almost 2 month hiatus from this blog. Troy has had a new job, which has been great. Right now he is in WI taking some schooling so he can get paid more and have more options for working. This is a very hard but good thing, because he is driving…let me explain. In the past month my husband has been in 3 car wrecks. Yes, 3. The first one, our beloved suburban got totaled! Thankfully my love did not have a scratch on him!! (Those things are TANKS) So, just 24 hours later, with a check in hand from our insurance we start browsing around for a new vehicle. T wanted a new suburban, but gasp! choke! we don’t make that much money! I have wanted a minivan for almost 3 years, but we haven’t been able up til now…Yes we bit the bullet and decided to go “balls to the wall” for a new minivan. 2007, loaded to the hilt, leather, sirius, DVD, stow’n’go, and it is my fave color silver! I love it.
For new years eve we had made plans to go across the street to our good friends house and party there. It was perfect. The kiddos were farmed out to my MIL (she goes to bed at 9 am, even on new years) and all we had to do was stumble home after the party. Yummy food was had, jello shot contests between Troy and I (I won!) and funny videos made of people getting shot in the ass with a bb gun. Fantastic, right? Well, somehow that night our little Saturn drove itself out onto the icy roads and ran over a stop sign , into a ditch and stopped only when running into a large fence post. Those damn Saturns are stubborn, let me tell ya. $900 later, my love* is still trying to get it back to rights.
Fast forward to 5 days ago. Troy was out and about getting parts for the car and he gets rear ended. Hard. In the precious brand new van. GRRRRRR. thankfully it was 100% the other guys fault and he has been very honorable about it. But, the van is in the repair shop as we speak and I have no transportation and my love is out of town for the next 5 days. He is driving a rental vehicle. So, I am having to depend on my MIL for help in the transporting dept., who is busy helping her daughter with their brand new baby girl. FUN.
Okedoke, enough of the rant.
There is my update for all 5 of you.

*Yes, I still love him even though he is a dumbass.


2 Responses to “16 days in”

  1. Magpie Says:

    Yikes – that’s awful. Eat more ramen!

  2. - Justin Says:

    That’s awesome that you still love him. I think that’s cool that you said/wrote that. Hopefully he knows it.

    Funny thing – I remember back after I moved into my house that I had the hardest time parking in the garage. Actually it wasn’t really parking per se, but the backing out that I had a problem with. Back in the day I had two cars the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Honda Prelude. Well, I drove the prelude mainly and I was able to clip both mirros on the side of the garage while backing out… at different times, but realtively in a short amount of time. I didn’t feel that terrible about it since it was my car and that the mirrors were still useful. However, I also clipped the whole right side of the dodge truck while pulling in one night even to the point of taking off part of the garage. Not good. Sarah (former wife) was not happy about in the morning… the dent on the car reminded her.

    So after the truck was repaired about a couple months after I was backing the truck out and clipped the passenger side mirror off…

    That’s 4 times I clipped something on the side of the garage. I felt so defeated… suck like a moron. Why couldn’t I remember… what is up with me? I was so nervous telling Sarah about it that day. I just felt like she’d lose total respect. She didn’t really say any uplifting words, but she didn’t say that many negative words… but she did leave so maybe that’s an inclination of how she felt… Hmmm….

    Suffice it to say I think it’s good that you accept your husbands mistakes and still love him. Hopefully it’s reciprocated….

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