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In search of the perfect name… March 14, 2007

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Well, life has been pretty normal around here. We had our token”Flu Bug” of the season, thankfully the only one we’ve had, as we have been pretty healthy most of the winter!!
Yesterday we got a very big taste of spring- it was 74 degrees here yesterday! The Kiddos and I spent the whole day outside, sloshing in the wet grass and mud, overturning rocks to search for the “hiding bugs”. They were also ecstatic to play in the leftover patches of snow that hadn’t melted! It was a fantastically gorgeous day, and it was just what we needed after our 10 day stint stuck inside.
This past Saturday, Troy decided to bid on a puppy in an auction at the gun club. We are now the proud parents of a chocolate lab bitch. The kids are so excited! We have been discussing for quite some time now about the possibility of a pup. We go to pick her up tonight. So it is her perfect name we are trying to decide on! If you have a great name, let me know! I am off to spend a small fortune on puppy stuff! Ta-ta!
p.s. I am having a lousy time with uploading images to blogger, so go to flickr to see our fun day outside!


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