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My Tenacious little Man March 29, 2007

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Yesterday was Evan’s 2nd birthday.  We had one of my close friends and her 2 munchkins over for the day and then we had K.F.C. for dinner and a store bought cake with balloons on it (Evan’s fave). It was a very simple and fun day for most. Yes, I said most.  For me, the day was very bitter-sweet. Recently, he has started blossoming into this fabulous little person.  He calls me “mom” , he insists on doing everything by himself, and his favorite word is “no”.  Typical 2 year old, I know.  But, wah wah cry wimper wah.  And boo hoo for me.  He is my baby, it’s hard to let go.

Moving on.

The day also was tainted by bad news that we new was coming.  Troy’s Grandpa died yesterday morning. He had been sick for a while, with congestive heart failure and trouble with his blood pressure and kidney.  He ate breakfast with his wife and daughter and went to his chair to take a nap.  Grandma went outside to get the newspaper, and when she tried to wake him up to read it, he didn’t wake up. What a peaceful way to go.  With a full belly, and in your favorite chair.   We love you Grandpa.  You will be missed in a very big way. Have fun with Jesus.

Weirdness: Troy’s great grandpa died on his birthday.  Evan’s died yesterday, on his birthday.

Also, this theme, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “My Tenacious little Man”

  1. Bon Says:

    that is a very weird synchronicity of deaths by great-grandfathers. an interesting connection between Evan and his dad, but still a sad one.

    happy birthday to your little man-kin, though. i know what you mean about bittersweet! mine is not quite one, and already i see the baby slipping away, replaced by this fabulous child…and it’s both wonderful and heartbreaking, because you know you can never go back.

  2. Liz Says:

    Isnt it funny that as a child we know nothing of the depths of our mothers love for us and its not until we grow to have our own children that we learn just how much we are really loved by The mother who could never truely show us! If that makes any sense to you at all!
    Happy birthday to Evan…He, as well as all of your gorgeous children are growing up soo fast,May they all grow to be everything God intended them to be!

    I love you My darling big sister!

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