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Crisp white cotton with tiny rainbow polka-dots June 8, 2007

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I have very few vivid memories from my childhood. The ones that I do have tend to be scary. But sprinkled in here and there, I have good ones. More on that in a minute.

I have been going through our summer clothes and putting away winter, thinking of which outgrown ones should go where. I came across the outfit that Cayle-Hannah came home from the NICU in. Soft fuzzy pink, preemie size fleece one piece that has a hoodie with bunny ears! In the same bag, a teeny preemie sized diaper (3-5lbs!) and her little purple and white preemie hat that she wore all the time because it was her nurses favorite. These are the few items that I will keep until she is old enough to decide if she wants them. While I was going through these items, I had a strange memory recall of coming down a flight of stairs to a soft yellow room, where there was a small gathering of people waiting for me. I had a deeply proud feeling, and was so excited because I had my hair in french braids and a very special, brand new outfit on. It was capri pants and a tank top. Crisp white cotton, with tiny rainbow polka-dots. On my feet were brand new white sandals. I think I was 7 or 8 years old. We were celebrating my cousin Jamie’s birthday. None of my immediate family was there. I was at my aunts farm for a month that summer. Just me. No sisters or brother. My cousins were Jamie, she is just a year older than me and Robbie who is 2 years younger. My aunt had taken Jamie and I into town that day for special outfits for the party. This was the first time in my life that I had ever gotten new clothes and shoes “just because”.  I am sure that is why the memory is so clear to me.

We moved. 5 weeks ago we went to an open house is a new subdivision that is in the much coveted school district of Prairie Hill. We had been undecided on what to sdo for Aidan this fall for Kindergarten, and we knew that we did not want him in the school district we were in before.  Troy and I felt that I would be overwhelmed with homeschooling with the 2 other littles to look after, too.  So when we saw this house and loved it, we knew we had to act fast.   3 days later, we were signing contracts.  Our house was put on the market the following Tuesday and on Friday we accepted an offer!  One condition though…the buyers wanted to close in 14 days.  So we got our little butts moving!  4 weeks later (with 1 of those spent with the MIL) here we are at our new home.  To say that this last 6 weeks has been a whirlwind would not do it justice.  More like an F3 tornado.  Um, yeah that sums it up. I will post pictures soon!!!


One Response to “Crisp white cotton with tiny rainbow polka-dots”

  1. Kaylynn Says:

    Hey beautiful woman… thinking of you this sunday night… and my heart is missing your beauty.

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