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geeks, potties and growing up skillz August 21, 2007

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After a daring rescue by the hunky geeks at best buy, our beloved pc is all nice and healthy once more.  The world can now return to normal because Valerie can check her mail and blogs more than once a month.  Hallelujah and Amen.

Summer will be officially over for us tomorrow morning.  My little boy is starting kindergarten.  I am so very excited.  I am so very terrified.  He is not little anymore.

Other great happenings around here is that Aidan can now ride his 2 wheel bike and Cayle is now officially potty trained!!!!! With these new achievements have come some BIG attitudes.  My baby girl now thinks she can leave the house when ever it strikes her fancy and roam the neighborhood showing off her big girl underpants.  “Because everyone MUST know, Mama”.

My daring 5 year old now thinks he has the skillz to jump ramps and curbs with the bigger boys on our street.  This has resulted in numerous scrapes and bruises, but also in a bigger confidence level, which is good.  For both of us. I am realizing that I will never be able to protect him from every scrape and bruise, nor should I.  That is how we learn, from experience, from hurt.  This is motherhood, letting go.


One Response to “geeks, potties and growing up skillz”

  1. kristenanne Says:

    great to have you back. Maybe I’ll get on more often now. Love you so. Miss you mo.

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