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30 October 23, 2007

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Things I want to remember always about my 30th birthday

*Dancing and singing with my kids in the sunshine of our kitchen while making eggs, bacon, toast and coffee.

*75 degrees and sunny!

*Hearing my kids sing “happy birthday to mommy” all day, over and over.

*Getting the sweetest card ever from Troy.

*Food, laughter and drinks shared by dear friends.

*Being told that I was going to throw up(from drinking).

*Not throwing up.

*Dancing with maracas and a tamborine to “Low Rider” with my girlfriends.

*Accepting the fact that I am 30…gladly.


2 Responses to “30”

  1. robyn Says:

    happy birthday! welcome to the “big girls” club! it’s super fun to be in your 30’s, by the way!

  2. Liz Says:

    happy birthday dear sister!!! its hard to think of you as 30….becuase regaurdless of your age to me you will always be Val…the nurturing yet stern…. honest yet gentle…very snuggly very Motherly Woman but to me ur also..Val…My Inceredibly funny, “credit card” swiping, Burp louder than anyone I know, Teach you how to do your hair, sing into a hair brush, dance in the shower….Go to for anything BIG SISTER! Life has gone by so fast and now we both have families of our own but I hope and pray that You will continue to grow but never change the way you truely are which is amazing! I love you and I hope to be back in your Wonderfully comforting arms again for a big bear hug soon!

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