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On my soapbox, Part 1 March 19, 2008

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I have been waiting for this documentary to come to my house in a little red envelope since the end of February. It finally came 2 days ago and I have watched it 3 times since then. I have been mulling it over in my brain because it is a lot of information to take in. Watching it repeatedly helps me absorb and process it. I am amazed and thankful that Ricki Lake is using her resources to empower and give women the knowledge that they have choices about birth that are safe and beneficial for mama and baby. Please watch the trailer, visit the website and then watch this movie. Pass it on to the women that you love. All women deserve to know that they are in charge of their own bodies and births…and sadly I think that as a society that we have lost that somewhere along the way. I strongly agree with the thinking that we need to rethink how the process of giving birth affects the mama and baby in a lifelong way.

Go see it!!


2 Responses to “On my soapbox, Part 1”

  1. Katie Says:

    Hey… I saw a preview for this a while back and put it in my queue. (I’m a sucker for a documentary) But, I’m even more intrigued now!

  2. anna Says:

    I TOTALLY put this movie on my list about a month ago. I’m afraid it’s going to make me run out and start a march of some sort.

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