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measuring in love… August 21, 2008

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All kinds of new things happening in the vinson household-

Troy has been on the road weekly. Just a few hours away, but too far to be home every night. Life is hard to adjust to with Daddy coming and going all the time. But the kids are resilient and we will learn through this. We are also approaching our 9th wedding anniversary. “I know we’ve come so far, but we’ve got so far to go” I think this line perfectly describes us right now! (kudos to whomever can name the movie/musical that line came from!)

Aidan has began 1st Grade! It is all day school for him now and he is TIRED when he gets home. He gets to ride the school bus this year too (yes, I am reluctantly letting him). His 2 front teeth have recently fell out and he talks with a cute little lisp! He has told us he wants to do soccer again, too, so we may have found something he loves! He is also reading very well now-I love to hear him read aloud. I hope books become as important to him as they are to me.

Cayle-Hannah will turn 5 in just a couple of weeks! She has requested a “garden tea party” for her first big birthday celebration. (In our family the first big friend party is when you turn 5. before that it’s just family) She has invited three little friends and I am trying to come up with a simple but elegant birthday party. She is also excited to start preschool!

Evan is completely potty trained during the day now. Hallelujah, no more diapers!!! He is a little man with a BIG personality. He has recently become obsessed with frogs and turtles, constantly pretending to be one of the two. He is a very passionate 3 year old, in the best and worst of ways!

I am looking forward to the cool, crisp days of fall. I can’t wait to have some bonfires and apple cider and decorate with pumpkins and corn stalks. I am already thinking ahead to sweaters and jeans!
I will hopefully save enough to begin my doula course sometime this fall.

Much Love


truth July 3, 2008

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“AM I really what I ought to be? Am I what, in the bottom of my heart, I honestly wish to be? Am I living a life at all like what I myself approve? My secret nature, the true complexion of my character, is hidden from all men, and only I know it. Is it such as I should be willing to show? Is my soul at all like what my kindest and most intimate friends believe? Is my heart at all such as I should wish the Searcher of Hearts to judge me by? Is every year adding to my devotion, to my unselfishness, to my conscientiousness, to my freedom from the hypocrisy of seeming so much better than I am? When I compare myself with last year, am I more ready to surrender myself at the call of duty? am I more alive to the commands of conscience? have I shaken off my besetting sins?”

These words today have inspired me. I hope they do the same for you.


Happy June!! June 4, 2008

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I hate feeling disorganized, cluttered and lazy. I have been making small steps in our life and household to make our lives more simple, organized and less hectic and cluttered. In this process I have found a new favorite website! Simple Mom is a fantastic resource for a lot of the ways I want my family to live by. It is one of my most important goals in life to live simply and give my family a happy home. Not perfect, just happy. I think I could easily spend a whole day on this site just soaking in all the goodness!
I hope that you are all happy, loved and comfortable in your skin!


Every Minute May 20, 2008

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It always seems like the time goes by faster when you feel like you have very little. About 48 wonderfully short hours was spent with my beloved best friend this weekend. It was glorious to see her and laugh, hug, giggle, cry and have fun with her. I truly love to see her in her element-among friends. This is where her light shines brightly. But the whole time I was selfishly thinking that I wanted everyone to leave so that I could make every minute with her count. I took every minute and stored them away in my heart to keep until the next time we see each other. Those small moments are so very dear to me because we have so very few of them in this life, and when they are few and far between, the urgent yearning for them becomes even greater. Precious gems, every one.
Sara Groves, Every Minute
I am long on staying.
I am slow to leave.
Especially when it comes to you my friend.
You have taught me slow down.
And to prop up my feet.
It’s the fine art of being who I am..
And I can’t figure out.
Why you want me around.
I’m not the smartest person I have ever met.
But somehow that doesn’t matter.
No it never really mattered to you at all..
And at the risk of wearing out my welcome.
At the risk of self-discovery.
I’ll take every moment.
And every minute that you’ll give me..
And I can think of time when families all lived together.
Four generations in one house.
And the table was full of good food.
And friends and neighbors.
That’s not how we like it now..
Cause if you sit at home you’re a loser.
Couldn’t you find anything better to do.
Well no I couldn’t think of one thing.
I would rather waste my time on than sitting here with you..
And at the risk of wearing out my welcome.
At the risk of self-discovery.
I’ll take every moment.
And every minute that you’ll give me..
And I wish all the people I love the most.
Could gather in one place.
And know each other and love each other well..
And I wish we could all go camping.
And lay beneath the stars.
And have nothing to do and stories to tell.
We’d sit around the campfire.
And we’d make each other laugh remembering when.
You’re the first one I’m inviting.
Always know that you’re invited my friend..
And at the risk of wearing out my welcome.
At the risk of self-discovery.
I’ll take every moment.
And every minute that you’ll give me.
Every moment and every minute that you’ll give me.
Every moment and every minute that you’ll give me.
Every minute..


On my soapbox, Part 1 March 19, 2008

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I have been waiting for this documentary to come to my house in a little red envelope since the end of February. It finally came 2 days ago and I have watched it 3 times since then. I have been mulling it over in my brain because it is a lot of information to take in. Watching it repeatedly helps me absorb and process it. I am amazed and thankful that Ricki Lake is using her resources to empower and give women the knowledge that they have choices about birth that are safe and beneficial for mama and baby. Please watch the trailer, visit the website and then watch this movie. Pass it on to the women that you love. All women deserve to know that they are in charge of their own bodies and births…and sadly I think that as a society that we have lost that somewhere along the way. I strongly agree with the thinking that we need to rethink how the process of giving birth affects the mama and baby in a lifelong way.

Go see it!!


new car smell January 22, 2008

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new links over on the side. now you can read funny stuff when I am boring…which is all the time!

ps. Lucy is preggers!!!


One January 5, 2008

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Give me one pure and holy passion

and give me one magnificent obsession,

Give me one glorious ambition for my life

To know and follow hard after you .

To know and follow hard after you,

To grow as your disciple in the truth

This world is empty pale and poor

Compared to knowing you my Lord

Lead me on and I will run after you

Lead me on and I will run after you.

One Pure and Holy Passion, by Mark Altrogge

I believe that in my life if I make Christ my focal point, then everything else will come into place at the right time.  Be it “resolutions” or whatever, if I simply focus in on His face, I will find the rest and resolve to conquer the stuff in my life.  This one truth I have carried with me always.  It has never left me disappointed.


…an empty aching in my soul.* December 16, 2007

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His bright, happy smile the center of attention. His big blue eyes taking it all in, tucking away into his heart. Me, taking an obscene amount of photos, wanting to capture the memory forever. Me wanting to catch that look of sweet, pure joy on my sons’ face. Deliriously happy children, screaming, running, playing.

This is how I imagine Brennan’s 5th birthday.

The only memories I have of him are the few short months he grew under my heart. And 12 of the shortest hours of my life that I was able to spend holding, loving, wailing over my son. There are so many dreams that were held in place for him. My grief is this: I didn’t know who he was. His personality I will never know. I simply love him fiercely because he is my child. My beautiful surprise.

Over last few weeks I have been extremely lazy and without much motivation except to rot my brain with mindless activities and my body with junk food. My house is a mess and my heart hurts. I have been short-tempered with my kids and husband, real bitchy. New layers of grief appear when I least expect it. I thought maybe this year would be better
in being able to handle the load of grief. Seems like it’s worse than last year.

My heart is bursting with pain. I want him back.

*Fernando Ortega, “This Bright Hour”


Crazy Eights Meme November 14, 2007

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I saw this over at Managing the Motherload and thought it would be fun.

8 Things I am passionate about:

1. God

2. My husband

3. My kids

4. Learning how to become the person God created me to be

5. Reading

6. Learning about becoming a birthing doula

7. Learning how to manage my household in a better, faster and more organized way

8. Raising my children to know that they are loved unconditionally

8 Things I want to do before I die:

1. Learn to live each moment as if it were my last

2. Take a trip to Ireland, Africa, Italy, France, and Hawaii

3. Get debt free and stay that way

4. See my grandchildren

5. See all my friends and family happy, healthy and fulfilled

6. Learn another language and speak it fluently

7. Go on another mission trip


8 things I say often:

1. I love you

2. Good grief

3. God, help me!

4. I swear too much (trying to change that)

5. Excuse me? How do we ask politely?

6. Not right now

7. Thank you Lord

8. I can’t understand you when you whine/ have food in your mouth

8 books I have read recently or am currently reading:

1. My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult

2. Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

3. Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald

4. The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald

5. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

6. Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

7. The Midwifes Tale by Gretchen Moran Laskas

8. (reading now) The Doula Book by Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus

8 songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Godspeed by Dixie Chicks

2. Anything by Indigo Girls (absolute fave is “Love will come to You”)

3. Anything by Fernando Ortega

4. Two sets of Jones’ by Big Tent Revival

5. Ain’t no Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye

6. Lullaby by Dixie Chicks

7. Anything by Sherri Keller or Carolyn Stegeman

8. Stand by Rascal Flatts

8 things that attract me to my bestfriends:

1. Having someone just “get” me

2. unconditional love

3. knowing that no matter what changes you go through in life, someone will always be there to cry, laugh, yell, or celebrate with

4. sharing the deepest places of your heart

5. knowing that they love you enough to point out the bad stuff and help you change it

6. phone calls at 3 am just to talk

7. hugs that melt away the world

8. giggles

8 people who should do this meme:

If you have read this, do it and link back here!!


On my soapbox October 24, 2007

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I don’t usually post about things that are happening in current events, but this is something very important to me. It is the headline about cough and cold medicines for babies and children being banned. I say it is about time! I have always believed in natural ways of treating sickness, and for this I have had many raised eyebrows from my MIL, SIL and my husband as well. Recently though, he is seeing the benefits of how we treat our kids colds in comparison with his sister who medicates A LOT more than we do. (her kids are sick a lot.)

That being said, I think it is horribly sad that children had to die or become very ill before the medical community paid attention to the affects of these OTC meds on babies and kids. No family should go through the pain of losing a child, especially when it could have been prevented. Here is the link to an article that my FAVE magazine did on the subject.


Go. Educate yourself. Get smarter. Be proactive about your family’s life and health.